Drill pipes and rods

All types of drill pipes for oil and mineral exploration are covered as well as rods for directional drilling applications. Thompson's DP Series offer ultra, lightweight, quick release tooling which eliminates changeovers using cranes and an unrivalled range of external and internal flash removal systems including dual tool and internal shear.


Drive and trailer axles

Components for trucks, HGV tractor units and trailers include drive and trailer axles, banjo axle cases and tubes, cylinder head valves, driveshafts and turbo chargers. Thompson's AX Series feature a new chuck design with simplified jaw fixings for holding larger diameter spindles. An optional compact machine base design is also available for smaller axles.

Hydraulic cylinders and piston rods

Typical parts for construction and agricultural machines include hydraulic cylinders, piston rods and swivel pins. Thompson's PR Series can accommodate a range of component diameters and lengths as well as join parts featuring clevises, eyes and forks.

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Track rollers

A wide range of track roller sizes are suitable for friction welding. Thompson's TR Series offer flexible chuck options for easy access and quick loading capabilities plus low noise operation thanks to an automatic noise-dampening sliding cover and quiet running motors.